Three extraordinary benefits to exposing children to art at a young age

July 15, 2020

Children are creative beings who love using their imaginations, and making art an excellent way to bring them joy and entertainment. Introducing them to art at a young age opens their world up to all kinds of new possibilities and can give them a lifetime supply of confidence. Let me explain.

Builds skills
Exposing kiddos to art and then allowing them to be creative both build valuable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Creating and understanding art fine-tunes a child’s motor skills and enhances their problem-solving capabilities. Allowing children to do things like finger paint, use scissors properly and draw gives them the chance to enhance their coordination and dexterity, according to PBS.

Boosts confidence
Nothing feels better than hearing your parents or someone you look up to say they are proud of you. When a child creates a piece of art, it allows them the autonomy to make their own decisions and to feel good about the choices they made. Think picking a crayon to use when coloring a picture or deciding between paints or markers for a piece. By making those choices independently and hearing praise, they feel better about themselves and are motivated to keep trying new things. Building confidence in your child through art can help them have faith in their abilities and feel more comfortable making their own decisions. 

Enhances connection
Art is universal. When children are introduced to art, they can use it as an equalizer to interact with other people of all ages, race, abilities and languages. Art can serve as a mutually beneficial activity and open their minds to a larger world. In addition, they can utilize art as a way to get to know others who are different from them. 

Art is more than just a fun activity – it’s an important part of healthy child development. Encourage the young people in your life to get involved in art somehow and watch the masterpieces unfold.