I first discovered Sue’s work as I was designing my new pediatric ophthalmology office. I was drawn to her paintings for their bright colors and playfulness. I also appreciated their contemporary sophistication, which fit nicely into my new decor. I now enjoy watching the children, even toddlers in arms, studying the pieces in my waiting room. I wish I knew what they were thinking!

Kathryn Byrd, M.D.

I knew I wanted this painting when I first looked at it. The colors and the simplicity of Right Turn were very appealing to me. Why Sue named it Right Turn is obvious, but I see so much more. I love the dimension and energy. I look at the design, and I see a boat moving through turquoise water or a big mouth fish or a colorful envelope. I love that about all of Sue’s paintings. They are so full of abstract energy and are open for your own imagination and interpretation.

Jeanne Bleu

I met Sue Layman approximately fifteen years ago and have had the opportunity to witness the evolution of her artwork over this period of time.  It was obvious to me from the beginning of our friendship that Sue was and still is a serious and dedicated artist.  I am fortunate to have three of her paintings, which are on display in both my office and in my home.  Anyone who loves art and who has missed her gallery just off of South Main should definitely visit it to see her work, which is prolific and expertly presented. I personally believe that Sue is one of the most talented and certainly one of the most innovative artist in this area.

Kay Farese Turner, Attorney at Law

Kay Farese Turner & Associates

Sue was our first choice when we rolled out the Memphis Artists Spotlight in eighty3. She took a blank wall and truly made it a work of art. She exhibited several abstract oils on canvas, and they embodied bold shapes and bright colors. They were simply beautiful. We loved them so much that we asked Sue if she would be interested in displaying a couple of pieces in our VIP Suites – thankfully, she agreed. Sue is a self-taught artist – very interesting to speak with, truly wonderful to work with and delightful to have a glass of wine with!

Angie Hines, General Manager

The Madison Hotel, eighty3 and Twilight Sky Terrace

Sue’s paintings are lovely! We have several pieces hanging in our deli and customers love them. We get compliments on them frequently.

Betty Sternburgh

Paradise Café