Select the right lighting for your artwork

June 27, 2017

When shopping for art for your home or office, there are several factors to consider. Details like brush strokes that capture a mood, colors that complement the space, and a size that is proportional to a wall are important considerations when searching for the perfect statement piece. However, even after finding a piece that fits all criteria, the lighting you provide can either make your art look like an artistic masterpiece or a colossal mistake.

Lighting can accentuate beauty of abstract paintings

Lighting for art ranges from extremely expensive to relatively inexpensive. Choosing the right lighting for your art is always effective. Some people even install lighting in their ceilings throughout the space to get the best look for their entire art collection. Whatever the cost, lighting is essential for the art piece to get attention it deserves.

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

Incandescent light bulbs complement the varying combination of warm and cool colors in “Venture of Gold.”

Selecting the right bulb
LED lights are best for your most valuable artwork, as they emit little heat and no UV rays or infrared light that harm the painting. A second option is incandescent light bulbs. These bring out a painting’s warmness from its yellows and reds, and flatters cool colors, like the blues and greens in my piece, “Venture of Gold.”

Placing and directing light
If you have one piece that fills a wall, consider ceiling-mounted accent lights. They direct light to an individual piece without the intensity of a picture light. Also, many of these spotlight-like fixtures can be positioned in order to have light evenly distributed across the piece.

If you place multiple pieces on a large wall or long hallway, ‘wall washers’ – recessed lighting fixtures with partial openings – provide even illumination across the width of your art display, while offering a clean, minimalistic look. These fixtures also offer flexibility to rearrange or relocate your pieces if you’re looking to refresh your space.

Beautiful artwork can enhance any room. However, poor lighting can distract from its authenticity, compromise its quality and ruin the aesthetics of a space. For a free consultation to discuss artworks, give Sue a call at 901-409-7870.