Emotionally Involved

The painting has many facets of defined interest. As the green comes down from space, it seems contained but is actually emerging into the painting. This area is the substance of the painting. It shows non-commitment. It is a whimsical area that is reserved and cannot cross over to reality. The square space and rectangles have structure with a focus of determination as well as point of view. The big square area in the bottom left shows creativity that is contained but still operating. The other areas are content to be as they are. The red area at the top right shows creativity and structure – representing perfect balance and harmony. On the other hand, the blue and yellow in the left corner are fighting to see who can win – light verses dark.

Painting Information

48 x 48 inches

Oil on canvas

SOLD. Prints available.

Please scroll through the pictures on the left to see detailed photos of different areas of the painting.