More Than Paint: The stories behind the art at Sue’s art gallery

February 01, 2016

To some, abstract art may seem like colors randomly thrown onto a canvas, but to artists and those who appreciate the craft, it is so much more. Sue Layman’s art gallery isn’t just filled with abstract art, it’s filled with stories. In Sue’s own words:

“Every piece of abstract art piece I create has its own story, its own inspiration and its own voice.”

“Love Walk,” a 6’ x 4’ oil painting with a story to tell

“The inspiration behind “Love Walk” is one that I treasure. Growing up, my mother always made sure I valued love. She taught me how important it is to love everyone I meet. She called it ‘getting on the love walk.’ When I sat down with my oil paints and paintbrushes at the art gallery to create the large piece shown above, I had one person in mind, my mother. Because of this, I used happy, rich colors to portray the joy that manifests when you let love lead your life.”


“Wedding Party,” a creation based on a true story

“In fall of 2014, my daughter, Mallory, was getting ready to walk down the aisle so I held a party to celebrate those taking part in the wedding. In the days leading up to the big day, I began to paint “Wedding Party.” A piece that differs from my norm in that it features light, pastel colors, the painting portrays the happiness I felt for the exciting adventures that Mallory had ahead of her.”


The original version of “Love Walk” and prints of “Wedding Party” are available for purchase at Sue’s Downtown Memphis art gallery, Sue Layman Designs.