More Than Paint: The Story Behind the Art at Sue Layman Designs

August 08, 2016

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

I’ve enjoyed solving puzzles ever since I can remember. It’s an activity that passes the time while keeping the mind sharp, and the feeling you get when you finally complete a puzzle is so rewarding. 

I went from solving puzzles as a child to painting them as I got older. Ever since I started creating abstracts, I’ve enjoyed painting pieces that force the viewer to find the hidden meaning by putting all the pieces together. Just like scattered puzzle pieces, the various shapes and colors of my paintings may seem random, but once they’re all put together, a story unfolds.

I see my abstract, “Equation of Truth,” as a puzzle that must be solved. Each section has its own equation to decipher. Rhythm and harmony make the colors dance as they expose more truth. It’s like a game.

The many influences that affect an artist’s work are endless. For me, what influences my work most is the idea that viewers will stretch their minds to unify the abstract pieces and uncover the truth of the painting. What inspires your work?

Would you like to have “Equation of Truth” in your home or office? The 40” x 30” oil on canvas is available for purchase. Contact me at 901-409-7870 to make an appointment to pick up this statement piece or to tour the art gallery and see what else I have to offer.