Memphis artist displays artwork around town

June 13, 2019

What do a restaurant, a doctor’s office and a movie theater have in common? Artwork! From Paradise Cafe in East Memphis to the new Powerhouse Cinema Grill in Downtown Memphis - Sue’s abstract artwork can be found all over town.

Not only are the modern art pieces easy on the eyes for those who frequent these establishments, but they are also beneficial to each business’ employee base. Let me explain. Office decor can be an afterthought for leaders who are focused on issues that they believe more heavily impact their bottom line. However, employee morale and productivity, two of the big-ticket items that business owners pay close attention to, are boosted if workspaces are aesthetically pleasant. Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that team members were 17 percent more productive if the office featured artwork than those working in spaces without the two. With those numbers, the simple act of hanging an oil painting with varying hues from Sue Layman Designs on the wall can go a long way.

Now, Sue knows business owners are very busy, after all, she is one herself! To make things a little easier, she offers free consultations to help you determine what your space needs to make it shine. Large pieces, small pieces, framed, unframed - Sue offers a wide range of original artwork options that are sure to bring energy and life into your workplace.If you are a business owner looking to add eye-catching artwork to your office space, give Sue a call at 901-409-7870 or email In addition to the free consultations, the local Memphis artist offers free tours of her art gallery, Sue Layman Designs, if you’re interested in seeing any of her abstract paintings in person.