How to incorporate the 2021 Pantone Color of the Year into your home

January 26, 2021

For the second time since its founding two decades ago, Pantone has named two brilliant colors as its Pantone Color of the Year. These two hues, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, are a classic combination you’ll see popping up everywhere in 2021. I have a few fun (and beautiful!) ways you can incorporate them into your home in the new year. 

Create a new table setting.

Your dining room is the perfect place to try new color combinations and to highlight your design inspirations. Ultimate Gray is a practical color that can be incorporated into your dining room as a solid or patterned tablecloth or napkin. Add Illuminating, which is a sunny yellow color, through bright dinnerware for an optimistic contrast. This color combination will freshen up and bring personality to your space.

Hang a new painting.

Adding a piece of art is a simple way to add new colors to your home. With the stark contrast of the Pantone Color of the Year picks for 2021, consider adding a painting with a splash of yellow from Sue’s collection, like this framed oil-on-paper painting, “Together.” Inside an Ultimate Gray frame or against a gray wall, the cool tones will radiate throughout your space.

Add wallpaper as an accent.

Lively, chic wallpaper has made its way back into home decor trends and is a unique way to add Illuminating or Ultimiate Gray to any room. Consider bringing a touch of color and pattern with wallpaper in your guest bathroom. By adding these elements to a smaller space, the patterns and colors are sure to bring the energy and elevate the space.

Paint your front door.

Spice up your curb appeal by changing the color of your front door. Pantone’s Illuminating is a classic yellow that will draw guests and passerby’s eyes toward your home. And, yellow doors compliment a variety of brick and siding colors. Try this trick and ensure your guests will step into your home with a smile.


Incorporating grays and yellows into your home will help bring positivity and optimism to your space. We can all use more of that! Need help integrating these colors into your home? Contact Sue at 901-409-7870 for a free consultation!