How to Feng Shui Your Space

July 22, 2021

When the pandemic began, people hastily threw together workspaces and home gyms without considering they could be long-term solutions. Most were focused on just having a space, not making it one that was aesthetically pleasing. However, as spending more time at home becomes the new normal, there is a push to create more beautiful, functional and uplifting spaces.

Explore the elements.
Many are now turning to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to aid in the design of their homes. A core principle of feng shui is the belief that every addition belongs to one of five elements: water, wood, fire, earth or metal. Changing the feng shui of a room is simple, just add more or less of a certain element until you achieve the balance you desire. Looking to invigorate a space with energy? Try adding the fire element with bright lighting or positioning workspaces toward windows or fireplaces.

Revisit color and lighting.
When redesigning a space, take all of its components into account, including room color and decor. These two aspects, like paintings, have a huge impact on the positive or negative feeling of a room. Incorporating certain hues, designs, or patterns can help encourage specific goals and opportunities. Feng shui tells those looking for new career opportunities to utilize wavy and curvy designs that use bright colors, while those looking to encourage passion or fame should utilize triangular designs that use warm colors like the red in Sue’s oil-on-canvas piece, “Fire of the Holy Spirit.”

Achieve balance.
Art can help you achieve balance in a space because it allows you to incorporate many colors, shapes and lines. When a room needs more wood elements, you can rely on a creation that uses blues, greens, purples and reds with rectangular and triangular shapes like this one from Sue! But, if a room needs more earth elements, we recommend using paintings that incorporate yellows, oranges, browns and deep blues with straight lines, like this beautiful creation.

No matter what your decor goals are, the original paintings Sue creates in her Downtown Memphis art gallery present the perfect opportunity to reach them! With so many color and shape combinations, Sue’s work is feng shui in and of itself and provides the perfect finishing touch to any room. Explore her portfolio online here or give her a call at 901-409-7870 to schedule a tour of the gallery.