Home Design Tips: Decorating with Abstract Art

October 19, 2015

Sue’s tips on decorating with abstract art for the home

Abstract art in the home: sue layman painting in a stairwell

When decorating – or redecorating – your home, it can be intimidating to pick out art, but this can – and should – be the most fun part! If you aren’t sure where to start or how to choose which paintings you should include, check out these tips below.

  1. Pick a piece that is timeless. Held to no one specific standard, abstract art is conceptual and speaks to emotions through colors and shapes. Sue’s pieces are so unique and many buyers find a personal connection to them, becoming so much more than just something to put up on the walls.
  2. Size is important. A large painting can easily overwhelm a small space. If your home is a bit more of a “cozy” size, a smaller piece will work best for you. However, if your home features tall ceilings with an open layout, you could accommodate one of the larger paintings that Sue has featured in her gallery!

At Sue’s Downtown Memphis art gallery, paintings range in size from 2-by-2 to 6-by-4 and boast lots of color. You are sure to find the perfect small painting for the nook in your kitchen or one large enough to place on your mantel. To take a look at what Sue Layman Designs has to offer, visit her portfolio.