Downtown Memphis artist adds new life to oil-on-canvas paintings

June 14, 2021

If you’ve ever tackled a creative project or craft of any kind, you may have found yourself wondering if you were finished a couple times throughout the process. Should you add more glitter to your do-it-yourself holiday ornament? Does your homemade wreath need more greenery? Sue Layman Lightman, owner of Sue Layman Designs art gallery in Downtown Memphis, has been painting for years and still finds herself asking that same question when she creates her oil-on-canvas pieces.

Sue’s advice? When in doubt, walk away from your creation for an hour or two. If you still feel strongly about continuing when you return, move forward with your additions. You can always add more to your piece, but you cannot always take away. And, be sure to not add your signature until you KNOW you are done. It’s very difficult to paint over a signature once it’s added. 

Providing yourself a break will help you come back with fresh eyes that may help you see something you didn’t see before. Sue does this often when she paints. Sometimes she waits months before revisiting a painting to add more intricate designs and inviting colors.

Take “Glory Rose” for example. The Downtown Memphis artist recently touched up the oil-on-canvas painting that now hangs in her gallery. She originally painted the artwork in 2020, but felt the Lord was telling her it needed a little something more. The additions have brought new life to the painting, and to the space it hangs, too, as a result.

To view more artwork from Sue’s portfolio of truly unique paintings, we recommend scheduling a private gallery tour. To do so, give Sue a call at 901-409-7870. It’s an excellent weekend activity for locals, as well as for guests in town from other parts of the country. She hopes to see you soon!