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A space for your next event in Downtown Memphis

March 16, 2021

Event planning comes with a laundry list of to-dos, but the most important of them all is the selection of a venue. No matter the occasion, the tone of your event comes from the space that it’s in. My three story art gallery located in Downtown Memphis’ South Main Historic... Read More »

5 ways to add a pop of color to your home this spring

February 05, 2021

Spring is calling our name, and with changing seasons comes changing colors. Spring is often known for its symbolic rebirth, calling us to reflect on our past seasons and prepare for what’s to come. It’s filled with vibrant colors and is the perfect time to revamp your space. I share... Read More »

How to incorporate the 2021 Pantone Color of the Year into your home

January 26, 2021

For the second time since its founding two decades ago, Pantone has named two brilliant colors as its Pantone Color of the Year. These two hues, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, are a classic combination you’ll see popping up everywhere in 2021. I have a few fun (and beautiful!) ways you... Read More »

Arts and crafts ideas for kids

September 25, 2020

With more than half of school-age children “attending” school virtually in America right now, many parents are adding a new title to their repertoires – teacher. If you find yourself wearing this new hat, I have a few fun arts and crafts ideas that will engage and entertain your children.... Read More »

5 ways to make your living space feel brighter

May 19, 2020

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to harness some of that beautiful sunshine you’re seeing outside to brighten up your indoor spaces. From mirrors to paintings to plants, there are many options to consider when rethinking your home decor.   Decorate with mirrors Mirrors are a dark room’s... Read More »

4 ways to improve your patio

April 28, 2020

Warmer weather is slowly but surely approaching, which means it’s time to create your outdoor oasis! With the right furniture and decor, your outdoor space can become a great escape from the rest of the world. Try these fun ideas to elevate your patio.    Display a painting. Make a... Read More »

Sue’s Rockin’ Contribution to the Moonshine Ball

September 16, 2016

Sue has always admired the way Memphians embrace and glorify the artistic culture of the city. Whether you’re an artist, musician or anything in between, Memphis celebrates you and appreciates the creativity you bring to the city. That’s why she has chosen to participate in the Ol’ Man River Moonshine... Read More »

The Art of Productivity in the Workplace

August 24, 2016

Didn’t catch Sue’s column in the Memphis Daily News earlier this year? No worries! Check it out below. It’s no secret that a happy employee is a productive employee. What makes a happy employee? There are many factors, such as compensation, respect, open communication, ownership in work, etc., that an... Read More »

More Than Paint: The Story Behind the Art at Sue Layman Designs

August 08, 2016

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

I’ve enjoyed solving puzzles ever since I can remember. It’s an activity that passes the time while keeping the mind sharp, and the feeling you get when you finally complete a puzzle is so rewarding.  I went from solving puzzles as a child to painting them as I got older.... Read More »

Things You Need to Start Oil Painting: Part Two

July 26, 2016

sue's paintbrushes

Welcome back, painters! Now that you have five oil painting tips under your belt from my previous blog post, it’s time to tack on five more. 6. The Easel Good news, beginners! You don’t need a fancy studio to create art. All you need is a space to prop your... Read More »