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Tools for success: Brush up on your knowledge of oil painting materials

June 20, 2016

Whether you’re creating fine lines or covering large areas of the canvas, the type and shape of the brush you use in oil painting matters. Finding the perfect brush for your style of painting can take some time, but don’t fret! Trial and error is normal (and encouraged). Here are... Read More »

More Than Paint: The Story Behind the Art at Sue Layman Designs

June 08, 2016

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

Whether I’m dealing with something serious or just frustrated by crazy Memphis drivers while traveling from the art gallery in Downtown to my home in East Memphis, my outlet to deal with anger is painting. Sometimes it helps to paint soft and soothing pieces when I need to kick back... Read More »

An abstract artist’s tips to clean paintbrushes

May 23, 2016

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

There is nothing more I love than painting. I love the way my imagination gets to run wild while I’m thinking of my next piece. I love the process of picking out a canvas. I love mixing various oil paints together to create my own custom colors. However, there is... Read More »

South Main Trolley Night: A street festival you won’t want to miss

May 09, 2016

It’s May already?! Time sure has been flying by, but I’m excited to say that I now have some time to start planning for South Main Trolley Nights! Not sure what Trolley Night is? Let me explain. Since September 2000, the South Main Association has put on the street festival... Read More »

More Than Paint: The Story Behind the Art at Sue Layman Designs

April 25, 2016

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

Not all artists’ paintings tell a story, but most of the abstract pieces I create at the art gallery do. They are usually based on things I’ve experienced – past and present, or things that I perceive for the future. When I painted this abstract piece two years ago, I... Read More »

Abstract Art 101: The Method Behind the Madness

March 29, 2016

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

For those who do not understand the purpose behind abstract art pieces, like those at my art gallery, the works may seem to be too busy, too colorful, too…abstract. Because of this, I’ve made it my mission to help everyone grasp the beauty behind each and every painting!   Understanding... Read More »

Sue Layman gives back through abstract art pieces

March 14, 2016

Sue Layman Abstract Art Gallery Memphis

Living in a city like Memphis that strives to help those in need, makes finding charitable organizations to give back to an easy task – and one that I enjoy immensely. Whether I am donating a painting for an auction, giving away a portion (or all) of the proceeds from... Read More »

Warm up your home this winter with abstract art

February 29, 2016

Cold temps have you down? Me too. Being stuck inside for the winter months doesn’t have to be a drag, though. Any room can be transformed into a place that brings excitement and joy. Think of all the man caves in the world that are filled with memorabilia from favorite... Read More »

Sue Layman Designs provides beautiful artwork for Memphis businesses

February 15, 2016

memphis art gallery sue layman designs in eighty3

While I love to visit with excited homeowners looking for the perfect piece to put above their mantle, I also enjoy helping business owners brighten up their work spaces with my abstract pieces. Liven up bare walls with colorful abstract oil paintings from Memphis’s downtown abstract art gallery. Paradise Café... Read More »

More Than Paint: The stories behind the art at Sue’s art gallery

February 01, 2016

To some, abstract art may seem like colors randomly thrown onto a canvas, but to artists and those who appreciate the craft, it is so much more. Sue Layman’s art gallery isn’t just filled with abstract art, it’s filled with stories. In Sue’s own words: “Every piece of abstract art... Read More »