Arts and crafts ideas for kids

September 25, 2020

With more than half of school-age children “attending” school virtually in America right now, many parents are adding a new title to their repertoires – teacher. If you find yourself wearing this new hat, I have a few fun arts and crafts ideas that will engage and entertain your children.

Homemade kaleidoscopes

I love incorporating a variety of different hues into my original oil paintings. The children can experiment with colors and creativity, too, by making their own kaleidoscopes. This can be done by using items you have around the house, plus a few fun, affordable add-ons you can find at your local store. Click here for a list of what you will need and for instructions.


For the young children in your life, painting on a canvas with an actual paint brush and oil paint may not be the best idea. Using their hands to create handprints is an excellent way to introduce children to painting. First, place washable tempera paint in a shallow dish or on a paper plate. Then, carefully assist the child with dipping their hand in the paint and then onto a thick piece of paper, pressing their hand down gently to make a handprint. Once the paint dries, encourage them to decorate the print however they wish. If you’re participating in this activity around Thanksgiving, the kids can even make the hand into a turkey. How fun?!

Paper snowflakes

Making snow angels may not be possible all that often here in Memphis, but making paper snowflakes sure is! Simply grab a piece of paper, fold it as instructed here and assist your child in cutting the paper using scissors. When they’re done, they can unfold the paper and check out the unique design they have just created! For an added touch, glue decorations onto the snowflake, color it or place glue on the paper and sprinkle it with glitter. Allowing children to use scissors (under your supervision, of course!) for activities such as this helps enhance their coordination and dexterity.

Supporting children through creative arts and craft projects like these helps build valuable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. So, parents, as you put on your new teacher hat, try incorporating these ideas in your lesson plans. Want more options? Use paper plates in place of a canvas or let your child draw a picture that depicts their favorite story. Send an email to me at! I’m more than happy to help you brainstorm even more new ideas.