Adding color this spring

March 28, 2018

Colors are IN, so 2018 spring decor is more vibrant than ever! As seasons change, so do trends. Do you want to add more color to your home this year? Let’s look at how we can reflect the budding inspiration of spring in our own homes this season.

Accent pillows, statement storage and shapely furniture
Say goodbye to minimalism – 2018 will be dominated by patterns, embellishments and fringe. This trend will add fun layers and depth to a space. Check out HGTV’s spring 2018 color trends and how to use them. Right now, I’m in love with this assemble from Anthropologie: Marisol Pillows, Pied-A-Terre Sofa and Brass Starburst Round Coffee Table. 

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis

“Making Music”

Add color using abstract paintings

Artwork can add a burst of color and vibrancy to a space. My piece, “Making Music” has pops of color that will bring excitement into a home or office. The abstract art piece balances bright, spring colors with muted pastels, making it a versatile piece. This painting also has small splashes of the exquisite color ultra violet, which has been named 2018 Color of the Year by Pantone.

Bold floral prints
Floral prints will also be making a comeback this spring, especially on drapery, chairs and decorative pillows. Floral prints are the way to go if you want to add a feminine and whimsical atmosphere to your space. My favorite floral print colors this year are: pale aqua, lavender, light green and blush pink. The key with florals is moderation. Florals can be balanced out with neutrals to keep your space from looking too ornate, while adding the perfect amount of accent colors.

Stone kitchenware and accessories
Stone is currently a hot topic in kitchenware and accessories. Natural materials like marble, agate, onyx, alabaster add texture and depth to a piece and a living space. I have been in love with the stone serving board trend – cheese and charcuterie boards have never looked so good! You can bring a burst of natural color to your kitchen or dining room with this beautiful allman onyx serving board from CB2.

No matter the room, there are ways to spring-up your space this year. If you need a little help picking things out or just want some inspiration, give Sue a call at 901-409-7870 to set up a free design consultation in your space or to schedule a time to tour her gallery.