Add the right final touch to a painting

February 10, 2017

One of the most difficult things to do after my abstract oil on canvas paintings are complete is to decide whether or not the piece needs a frame. Then, if it needs a frame, picking one out can be a an even bigger challenge. Because my works are colorful abstracts, I oftentimes find that many frames detract from the piece itself, so I take my time before coming to a conclusion. For my oils on canvas, I choose an edge, while I use very simple frames for my oils on paper. Never let a frame take the attention off your masterpiece.

Know your piece
What kind of personality do you wish to give your art? If your art is modern, go with a metal modern frame in black or gray for consistency, or spruce it up with a more classical wooden border that has detailing for a contrasting effect. Mixing contemporary with traditional tends to make for a very unique piece that is sure to make a statement.

Consider where it will hang
Are you placing your piece in a spot with a lot of natural light? If so, you want your frame to go with the elements. You can have a beautiful piece of artwork, but if your frame is made of sleek metal or brass, it can affect your painting by bouncing natural light onto your piece. You worked too hard for something to overshadow it!

Frames aren’t always necessary
Believe it or not, you don’t always need a frame. We aren’t in the antique era, when EVERYTHING had to be framed to look nice, classic and tasteful. For some pieces, frames can take away or distract us from the beauty of the piece itself. When in doubt, go without.

Frames can easily take away from the ‘wow’ factor of your paintings, so take some time when deciding. Need some advice on what type of frame would work best with your latest work of art? Give me call at 901-409-7870. I would love to give you a free consultation.