Abstract artist ignites inner creativity

February 05, 2019

Igniting creativity is important for a wide variety of professionals, including talented artists like Sue. Before she sits down to paint in her Downtown Memphis art gallery, she has a few tips and tricks to ensure she is ready and focused before dipping her paintbrush into her oil paints.

Sue Layman Art Gallery Memphis Painting

When Sue finds herself overwhelmed and anxious as a result of the hustle and bustle her life in Memphis can bring, she knows it is time to get creative. For sure, painting her abstract masterpieces creates harmony and rhythm, providing her with a reset that puts her in a peaceful state.

“If I allow that creativity inside me to come alive, it helps me develop new ideas,” Sue said. “When I don’t do this, it’s all being pushed down and internalized. It’s like a pipe that’s stopped up – things just aren’t right. If I shut all this creativity down in my life, everything becomes a burden. I have to keep creating.”

While on the journey that Sue’s paintings take her on, she develops one-of-a-kind colors by mixing hues. From bright pinks and oranges to pastel blues and greens, this Memphis artist’s works include a wide range of captivating colors that are sure to ignite emotion and admiration among those who view them.

Memphis artist shares creativity through abstract paintings

In addition to painting abstract works of art, Sue expresses creativity through changing up decor inside her East Memphis home. From brilliant wall colors to eye-catching rugs and decor, she is always on the hunt for new ways to keep things fresh and inviting.

“I have to be doing something that is creative in nature to balance out the things I do that are less creative, like meetings, running my business and getting through those everyday errands we all have,” Sue said. “When I sit down to paint, I have to be in total peace and quiet without any interruptions. I highly recommend shutting off your phone so you can really concentrate on what you want to do.”

Let’s face it, we are very busy people. In order to express the creativity we all have inside of us, we must follow Sue’s lead in taking a step back and setting aside time to really dig deep within ourselves to put our talents to work. Whether it’s painting, writing, drawing – the list goes on and on – give yourself the chance to let your God-given gifts come alive.

Interested in seeing the result of Sue’s creative sessions? Give her a call or send her an email today to set up a time to tour her Downtown Memphis art gallery that is filled with her abstract oil-on-canvas paintings.