A closer look at “Tapestry of Indecision”

August 17, 2020

Stretching 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide, “Tapestry of Indecision” is an absolutely breathtaking oil painting that will stop you in your tracks. Sue painted this original piece of colorful artwork at her Downtown Memphis art gallery, Sue Layman Designs. If you’ve never visited the space, you must! Its three floors feature Sue’s latest and greatest paintings. And, aside from providing excellent lighting to illuminate the works of art, the floor-to-ceiling windows offer interesting views of the Downtown Memphis skyline.

Every Sue Layman Designs painting has a special meaning. “Tapestry of Indecision” is no different. Here is what the 4’ x 5’ modern piece of art means to Sue: “Where to go? What to do? Did I do right? Why did I do that? Each section of shape and color is asking, ‘What direction should I take?’ The blue and red arrow in the center of the painting is showing the way. The rhythm of the painting is one of chaotic movement to make things happen. However, there are obstructions at each turn. The barriers are intense. Eventually, the path leads to the solace of knowing it is all a dream. There is always a way out.”

Have you fallen in love with “Tapestry of Indecision” like we have? It’s for sale! If you would like to see the original oil painting in person before purchasing, you are welcome to visit the art gallery as long as you are wearing a mask. Simply give Sue a call at 901-409-7870 to schedule a time to stop by. She’s even willing to deliver the painting to your space so you can try it out before buying, as well, if that interests you.