5 ways to make your living space feel brighter

May 19, 2020

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to harness some of that beautiful sunshine you’re seeing outside to brighten up your indoor spaces. From mirrors to paintings to plants, there are many options to consider when rethinking your home decor.


Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors are a dark room’s kryptonite. Not only do mirrors make a space look bigger, they brighten a room, as well. Mirrors reflect the light coming in and bounce it all over your space to make it glow. Consider hanging a large mirror across from or adjacent to a nearby window to maximize the amount of light it can reflect. 


Display a painting

Paintings are a great way to give your room a colorful accent and elevate its personality. Consider adding this oil-on-canvas abstract piece from Sue’s original artwork collection to give your space an eye-catching focal point. The painting’s joyful colors will make you feel energized and are great for rooms that experience the most traffic. Think offices, family rooms or covered patios.


Decorate with plants

Plants are a simple way to add a sense of vibrancy and character to your room. Consider adding one to a table near a window. Whether you’re into delicate flowers with beautiful blooms or low-maintenance succulents in various shades of green, you can’t go wrong with adding some plant life to your space.


Have a unique mural commissioned

A fun way to lighten your room is to have a special piece created just for your home. Sue can paint a fun conversation piece directly on the wall of any room. By adding a unique mural to your home, you’re sure to liven up your space and make it stand out. 


Decorate with colors and patterns

If you have a dark room that is accented by muted colors, it will make the room feel flat and small. Try making your space pop with colorful accent pillows, a decorative rug or a fun piece of furniture. Not only will this make your room appear larger, it will also give it some visual appeal. 


Not sure where to start on making your space feel bright? Give Sue a call at 901-409-7870 so she can give you some exquisite recommendations.