5 ways to add a pop of color to your home this spring

February 05, 2021

Spring is calling our name, and with changing seasons comes changing colors. Spring is often known for its symbolic rebirth, calling us to reflect on our past seasons and prepare for what’s to come. It’s filled with vibrant colors and is the perfect time to revamp your space. I share five fun ways to bring those bright, spring colors inside your home below. 

Display a bright painting.

Add new life to your humble abode with a bright, lively original piece of artwork. Paintings capture guests’ attention and elevate the energy of any room. To ensure it matches your current home decor style, try displaying a painting with a similar neutral base, but one that also contains the bright explosions of color you’re looking to incorporate into your home. Sue’s oil-on-canvas painting, “Explosion of Glory,” is a beautiful example of artwork that contains both neutral and engaging colors throughout. 


Add bright throw pillows to your living area.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, yet stylish approach to integrating new colors, consider adding throw pillows to your living space. Throw pillows are a plush and simple decoration that make a big statement and can be changed out easily. Experiment with your bright colors by adding a patterned pillow to the mix. The layers of captivating colors and exciting patterns will dazzle you and your guests.


Nothing says spring like fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers are a springtime staple and can bring inspiration to all. Whether they’re from your own garden or your nearby florist, displaying a bouquet of fresh blooms will bring beautiful colors and scents to your space. Consider adding a vase or two of fresh flowers to a highly trafficked room. And, if you’re looking for an even bigger statement, incorporate a colorful vase.

Try going underfoot.

Adding a new rug to your space is a unique way to change the dynamic of a room. Adding a colorful rug is a great way to keep the pops of color easy on the eyes. A brightly colored rug is great for rooms with neutral walls. Try adding a rug that matches your space’s accent pieces and original artwork to pull the whole room together nicely.

Add accent furniture.

Adding a splash of color to your home can be as simple as adding a new piece of furniture or painting a piece you already own. Bold furniture creates a show stopping living experience that elevates your space. Consider incorporating a colored accent chair or painting a bookshelf. If you’re looking to create a deep contrast that will make your spring colors stand out, try painting your room with the Sherwin-Williams 2021 Color of the Year. No matter the room, the deep Urbane Bronze will transform your space into a warm and comforting environment that will accentuate your spring accent colors.

In need of help during your springtime home transformation? Give Sue a call for a free consultation at 901-409-7870. She can assist you in picking out the perfect original oil-on-canvas paintings that will bring your home to life.