3 ways to get creative this summer

June 17, 2020

We are all undoubtedly spending more time at home than ever before. The unprecedented downtime can bring about boredom and monotony, especially for the kiddos. If you’re looking for ways to channel your household’s creativity, I have some exciting ideas that the whole family can take part in.

Look around your home. Are there pieces of decor you could enhance? If you have a solid-colored lampshade, you’re in luck. Grab some water-based oil paints and paintbrushes and get to work! (Purchasing water-based oil paints is very important because they are easy to wash out of the brushes afterward.) Let the brush lead you. You can draw designs, stripes, polka dots – whatever your heart desires. No lampshade? No problem. Anything in your house that is plastic can be painted with this method. 

Growing up, parents often remind their kids that markers, crayons, pencils, paints and more are for paper only. What if I told you that wasn’t necessarily true? Believe it or not, I love painting on walls! In fact, a painting I created directly on a wall in a home I lived in previously was cut out and now hangs on the third floor of my Downtown Memphis art gallery.

We’ve covered lampshades, walls… what else could we possibly take a brush to? Plastic vases or flower pots! Like the lampshades, if you have plain ol’ vases or flower pots, add some color to them. When selecting hues to use, take a look around the room and try to pull from colors that are already present. Think pillows, curtains and throw blankets. 

There you have it – three unique ways to get creative with the kids this summer AND bring vibrance to your home. If these fun activities leave you wanting more for your spaces, give Sue a call at 901-409-7870 so she can share her expertise.