Off the canvas, onto your wardrobe

March 21, 2017

So far, 2017 is full of fun, spunk, color and all about showing your true personality. How BOLD can you go? From shoes to clothing to accessories, it’s all about combining multiple colors, textures and patterns. So, say goodbye to boring and hello head-turner!

Combining more than one color into your wardrobe and accessories isn’t a fashion faux pas anymore. With times changing, so does our wardrobe. We see designers big and small carrying out this trend for clothing and accessories alike.

Putting your wardrobe together is like combining the hues in a painting; stick with the primary colors in your outfit as the base. For example, having a shirt with multiple colors isn’t atrocious as long as you pair them subtly.

My tip: if you have a blouse with various colors, a safe bet is to pair it with white, black or denim bottoms. But if you’re feeling daring, make the colors pop even more by selecting the color that is barely noticeable on your blouse. Then, plan your bottoms or accessories to match that specific color.

Another great fashion tip is to pair a color with different shades in the same color palette. This gives a very chic look to an outfit. You also have the option of pairing everything monochromatically. Check out these celebrities who did just that.

What I personally love doing is picking my outfit based on the statement piece I want to wear. Try it out for yourself! Plan your outfit around those spectacular earrings or that breathtaking necklace. This spring and summer, dare to be bold, unique, but most importantly be yourself and express your own sense of style and creativity.